Friday, June 5, 2009

Reviews programs

We run a lot of reviews programs for a lot of clients. Sometimes, the days when the courier arrives it looks like we have just moved into our office - boxes fill every corner and surface while the team gets on the phone to the journalists we want to have a play with (and write a review of) the new kit.

This morning the last Logitech wireless guitar controller (the key to all your Guitar Hero fantasies) has left the office for review. Before it went, I wanted to test out what everyone has been saying about it. Its heavy and shiny and feels just like a real guitar.... it made me wanna play some Jimi Hendrix style riffs....


  1. You are so rock and roll!! I especially like the "very serious" facial expression. Looks like I'm missing a very heavy day of work today!

  2. The guitar has now been packed awaiting courier so its back to the grindstone for me :(