Friday, February 26, 2010


Today on twitter and Facebook Australian tech journalists and the social PR and Marketing community were all enjoying this animated cartoon that looks at the ongoing Embargo debate from an uninterested journalist's point of view - was too funny not share (especially on a Friday)...

Monday, February 22, 2010

There's no such thing as a social media expert

Sometimes other people say exactly what you've been thinking but haven't had the wherewithal, time or eloquence to say yourself. This morning when I opened my Google Reader and saw this post from one of my favourite commentators/bloggers/marketers Kate Carruthers I had an "Oh you're sooooo right moment" when I read even just the headline Why I'm probably not a social media expert and neither are you. Why not? Well because it's a bit early in the spectrum to be an "expert" or a "guru" or a "wunderkind" in the field of social media.

A few of my favourite tidbits of Kate's post are:
  • Anyone who claims to be an expert in social media is probably talking through their hat.
  • Social media has been with us for only a few years. Expertise is not developed overnight.
  • Deep knowledge is founded on a basis of research and experience. Lessons learned, especially from failure and pushing of known boundaries, are key to development of expertise.
  • Social media is just media and communications on a new platform. I’m not quite sure if that fact privileges social media in some special way?
  • Perhaps rather than being social media experts we are social media learners? If indeed social media is a real thing we should even consider in and of itself (but that is a topic for another day)?
This is pretty much my philosophy on social media summed up brilliantly only my lack of skills means I express it more like; "Just get in there and experiment, listen to people, have conversations online and take anyone who calls themselve a social media guru with a big grain of salt because they're barely ahead of you who might like to start today."

Thanks Kate!