Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Successful Kinetics Celebration

On 11th May the soon to be Hotwire Kinetics gang hosted a shin-dig for clients, media, prospects and friends to celebrate our merger and the appointment of MD Jörn Sander. Guests were given the opportunity to sample a range of gourmet offerings from Stix Catering's 2010 menu, with Kerrie Brown from Stix on hand to provide her expert knowledge on the dishes served. Delicious wine was also provided by team member Bridie Gaynor’s family vineyard near Orange NSW – Printhie Wines

The event drew a total crowd of 50, including 23 members our journo community – from media outlets including ABC Online, Appliance Retailer, CNET, PC World, T3, Atomic, 2GB Radio plus our favourite freelancers David Flynn, Brad Howarth, Angus Kidman and Graham Lauren – and 17 clients and prospects from the likes of Cisco, FileMaker, PicNet, bwired and BigHand.

Kinetics’ Jody Lennon commented that journalists often get calls and invitations from PR people who want something, so it's nice us to catch up with them face-to-face just for the fun of it! She said, “We kept things simple and relaxed, with the emphasis on good food and wine. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves... and lingered way past the time we thought we’d finish. The feedback from clients and media was very positive, both about the event and the recent news here at the company.”

And here is the pictorial evidence...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hotwire Kinetics

It's a little blurry and we're short one thanks to annual leave but here we are: the merry little band that is Hotwire Kinetics. From left to right there's Jody, Kya, Kat, Polly, Jörn, Bridie, Kenny and Andy (Hotwire's MD of International). Missing is Carly.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kinetics goes International!

What do you get if you cross eight Aussie tech comms experts with 110 European ones? You get Hotwire Kinetics!

Hotwire is an international public relations consultancy headquartered in London. It employs over 110 staff in offices across Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK, with other sister agencies and affiliates around the world. Since launching in 2000, the Hotwire mantra has been 'next generation PR today': an amazing team, a real flair for creativity and an approach to measurement and transparency that means the client is in control. This approach has led them to a number of awards for their client work including PR Week, Sabre, IPRA and the Top Com d'Or.

... and as of July 1 Hotwire also have offices in... Australia! Yes, as of 1 July we’re formally joining forces with international Photon sister firm - Hotwire - to make sure that we can deliver the benefits of a larger firm while retaining our stealth and dexterity that we’ve honed as Kinetics.

So of course there is a cause for celebration. If you are in the city next Tuesday, please join us for a drink. Andy West, who runs the international portfolio of Hotwire, will be here to party with us. Details of celebrations are below:

Tuesday 11th May
Kinetics office
439-441 Kent Street

RSVP by 4th May to

Friday, April 30, 2010

SMX 'Search Engine Boot-Camp' Wrap Up

Attending SMX's 'Search Engine Boot-Camp' was the perfect start to interning at Kinetics.

It gave me an understanding into the world of social media and the huge importance it plays in PR.

The aptly named 'Boot-camp' was a fast and effective way of teaching companies exactly how to incorporate social media into their brand in a profitable manner.

I found both the 'Facebook/Twitter' and 'Social Media Integration' presentations fascinating.

Social media can be used in a business sense to create interpersonal relationships with customers/clients to break down the corporate walls, creates a public face for your clients to recgonise your company, visbily monitor clients movements and opinions about your company and most importantly it has the ability to reach the public with information faster than many news companies can- just think, that camera phone you're holding could be your key to fame in the media industry!

Being an intern and only half way through my degree, it seemed incomprehensible to me, that my usual time-fillers and procrastination enhancers, could now ultimately make or break a company.

Gone were the days of pointless status updates, as we welcome the mouse clicking revenue brought to us by all forms of social media.
Despite what my university teachers remind me daily, it seems in the world of PR, being social WILL get me far in life!

Signing off, Aniela- the intern.

Friday, April 23, 2010

INVITATION - Kinetics Celebrations

Changes are afoot at Kinetics, so we are holding a night of culinary delights and exquisite flavours to celebrate!

You are invited to join the team, our clients and key media contacts whilst we share our good news.

When: 5pm – 7pm Tuesday 11th May

Where: Kinetics Offices - Level 3, 439-441 Kent Street, Sydney

RSVP: Tuesday 4th May - / 02 9212 3848

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Death of the Press Release

The concept of the disintegration of a fundamental element of the Public Relations industry has been discussed for eons, but never as succinctly as by the creators of the Social Media Press Release – Real Wire.

In there environmental parody, Real Wire adopt an Al Gorean tone to deliver an amusing analysis of the daily ecological vandalism of Journo’s inboxes.

The lack of research and thought that goes into the colossal volume of press releases sent by PRs leads inevitably to thousands landing in the recycling bin without even being opened.

Being an intern and having only just begun my PR masters, clips like this really convey the future of PR and the changes occuring (or hopefully occuring) in the industry. I'm learning about these transformations everyday.

Thankfully, modern PR agencies are moving ahead of the game, thinking laterally to entice readership and demand attention!

An Inconvenient PR Truth from RealWire on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What makes you influential on twitter?

One of Australia's most popular marketing blogs - designed to help business with web marketing utilising Internet mediums in social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin as well as Search Engine Optimisation, Lead Generation and Blogs - recently conducted a survey to gauge ”How Do You Measure Twitter Influence?”

Jeff Bullas comments “Twitter Influence” could become a powerful and significant part of your brand whether it's a ”personal brand” or a ”corporate brand”. So measurement is open to interpretation and different views of Twitters importance also needs to be factored into the discussion.

He then goes on to outline eight possible criteria to measure twitter influence against and conducts a reader survey.

Theresults of which are in fact in line with my own beliefs - please see below:

* The number of followers 8%
* The quality of their followers 16%
* The number of followers re tweeting their tweets or updates 16%
* The quality and value of the links that they tweet 22%
* How often they tweet or update 6%
* The ability to make other people take actions on Twitter 18%
* The quality and popularity of the website or blog that is on their Twitter site 7%
* They are already well known or famous 5%
* Other 2%

A great reminder that content is still king...

Friday, February 26, 2010


Today on twitter and Facebook Australian tech journalists and the social PR and Marketing community were all enjoying this animated cartoon that looks at the ongoing Embargo debate from an uninterested journalist's point of view - was too funny not share (especially on a Friday)...

Monday, February 22, 2010

There's no such thing as a social media expert

Sometimes other people say exactly what you've been thinking but haven't had the wherewithal, time or eloquence to say yourself. This morning when I opened my Google Reader and saw this post from one of my favourite commentators/bloggers/marketers Kate Carruthers I had an "Oh you're sooooo right moment" when I read even just the headline Why I'm probably not a social media expert and neither are you. Why not? Well because it's a bit early in the spectrum to be an "expert" or a "guru" or a "wunderkind" in the field of social media.

A few of my favourite tidbits of Kate's post are:
  • Anyone who claims to be an expert in social media is probably talking through their hat.
  • Social media has been with us for only a few years. Expertise is not developed overnight.
  • Deep knowledge is founded on a basis of research and experience. Lessons learned, especially from failure and pushing of known boundaries, are key to development of expertise.
  • Social media is just media and communications on a new platform. I’m not quite sure if that fact privileges social media in some special way?
  • Perhaps rather than being social media experts we are social media learners? If indeed social media is a real thing we should even consider in and of itself (but that is a topic for another day)?
This is pretty much my philosophy on social media summed up brilliantly only my lack of skills means I express it more like; "Just get in there and experiment, listen to people, have conversations online and take anyone who calls themselve a social media guru with a big grain of salt because they're barely ahead of you who might like to start today."

Thanks Kate!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Backing up your claims!

The world's largest annual consumer technology exhibition, The Consumer Electronic Show (CES), was held in Las Vegas last week between the 7-10th January.

More than 2,500 technology companies introduced new products to kick off the next decade of technology innovation by unveiling technology trends ranging from 3D TV, mobile DTV, and connected TV to green technologies, tablets and apps.

Among than 20,000+ products on display was Sonim's "unbreakable" smartphone. The only problem was reporter Dan Simmons from the BBC's technology show Click managed to break it in a matter of minutes during a demonstration at the show.

You can watch the clip here and have a giggle.

As a member for the PR community I really felt for the product marketing team and I thought this incidence was a great reminder that in all areas of Marketing Communications you really need to be able to put your money where your mouth is!

Friday, January 8, 2010

The difference between PR, advertising, design etc

With thanks to @issue where I saw it, and to Marty Neumeier who drew this little visualisation in the first place - this is a FANTASTIC way to describe the different ways different marketing professionals go about wooing consumers. Some people are just so clever! Plus it's funny because it's true :)