Monday, March 30, 2009

Press release translation - Mumbrella style

I could not stop laughing when I read this post today! Mumbrella again hits the nail on the absolute head. Below is a small snippet of his translation of a Starcom media release (in red text) but you really should read it in full to laugh out loud! I can't believe a marketing agency could be so ridiculous in its own own marketing speak.

From Mumbrella:

“With a number of new appointments and promotions we have assembled a world-class team that will be integral to the success of clients across the company.”
“With the downturn we’ve been able to get good people a lot more cheaply than six months ago.”

Consumer anthropologist Seema Patel has joined Genesis to navigate the consumer landscape for clients, providing a differentiated lens to understand consumers as humans first.
And we’re tired of people like Naked having all the wanky job titles like consumer psychologist, so we’ve got a consumer anthropologist. Stick that, Adam Ferrier.

Patel’s focus will be augmenting SMG’s approacch to insight generation, through SMG’s fusion approach - a unique ethnographic approach to understanding consumer drivers that takes the best from the psychological and anthropological worlds.
But we don’t see any irony in talking about understanding people as humans first while using language like this.

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