Friday, April 30, 2010

SMX 'Search Engine Boot-Camp' Wrap Up

Attending SMX's 'Search Engine Boot-Camp' was the perfect start to interning at Kinetics.

It gave me an understanding into the world of social media and the huge importance it plays in PR.

The aptly named 'Boot-camp' was a fast and effective way of teaching companies exactly how to incorporate social media into their brand in a profitable manner.

I found both the 'Facebook/Twitter' and 'Social Media Integration' presentations fascinating.

Social media can be used in a business sense to create interpersonal relationships with customers/clients to break down the corporate walls, creates a public face for your clients to recgonise your company, visbily monitor clients movements and opinions about your company and most importantly it has the ability to reach the public with information faster than many news companies can- just think, that camera phone you're holding could be your key to fame in the media industry!

Being an intern and only half way through my degree, it seemed incomprehensible to me, that my usual time-fillers and procrastination enhancers, could now ultimately make or break a company.

Gone were the days of pointless status updates, as we welcome the mouse clicking revenue brought to us by all forms of social media.
Despite what my university teachers remind me daily, it seems in the world of PR, being social WILL get me far in life!

Signing off, Aniela- the intern.

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