Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kinetics goes International!

What do you get if you cross eight Aussie tech comms experts with 110 European ones? You get Hotwire Kinetics!

Hotwire is an international public relations consultancy headquartered in London. It employs over 110 staff in offices across Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK, with other sister agencies and affiliates around the world. Since launching in 2000, the Hotwire mantra has been 'next generation PR today': an amazing team, a real flair for creativity and an approach to measurement and transparency that means the client is in control. This approach has led them to a number of awards for their client work including PR Week, Sabre, IPRA and the Top Com d'Or.

... and as of July 1 Hotwire also have offices in... Australia! Yes, as of 1 July we’re formally joining forces with international Photon sister firm - Hotwire - to make sure that we can deliver the benefits of a larger firm while retaining our stealth and dexterity that we’ve honed as Kinetics.

So of course there is a cause for celebration. If you are in the city next Tuesday, please join us for a drink. Andy West, who runs the international portfolio of Hotwire, will be here to party with us. Details of celebrations are below:

Tuesday 11th May
Kinetics office
439-441 Kent Street

RSVP by 4th May to kya@kinetics.com.au

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