Thursday, February 19, 2009

Music rights

Interesting to see that Warner Music's fall out with Google has lead to the ever popular Gorilla/Genesis Cadbury Dairy Milk advert to be taken down from YouTube.

Warner Music was one of the first music houses to do a deal with YouTube, back in 2006. Google is YouTube's parent company.

Interesting because that advert was a viral success on the internet and now a dispute between two unrelated companies leaves Cadbury unable to reap any more benefits from its content. It will have acquired the rights to the advert for TV use, but I am guessing the contract must not extend to unlimited internet play back.

It should serve as a warning to marketing folk and lawyers everywhere to check and negotiate on DRM for any third party content when adding it to your own.

Instead, to attempt to fill the void here is Cadbury's new offering. Not as good (you can't replace a little Genesis with this noise), but rather amusing none-the-less!

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